• Steven Mayson


People fall out of society for many different reasons.

For me… it started five years ago when I met her for the first time. It was also the last time — the most amazing woman that I had ever met. I didn’t believe until that time that I would ever meet my other half or equal. I did meet my other half. She truly does exist. But, she wasn’t ready. And she tried to destroy me when we parted. I really did care about her.

After five years of this pain, I’m shutting the entire world out and retreating to my tree farm where there are no people.

After so long, being and feeling unwanted, a part of you dies along with what kindness you had left. I try to meet people again, but I can’t relate. I feel empty inside; an impostor trying to be a person again… to smile again.

This hell doesn’t seem to leave even though the nightmare is over. I’m left without much to say other than, “Hello” and “Goodbye.”