• Steven Mayson

2022-08-19 to 2022-08-21 (cont.)

I'm pushing my body to get used to carrying a lot of weight again and navigating thick woodland terrain. My body is not what it was in my teens and early 20s, but I'm looking forward to getting back there again. In the process, I'm gathering intel on bedding areas for different kinds of animals like deer. I am also looking forward to keeping up with the hunting seasons.

This is a deer bedding:

This is a deer track:

It's also very dangerous to be unarmed in the wilderness by yourself. There are some 600 - 800 pound hogs out here that could surprise you and you wouldn't be walking out of here alive if there was anything left of you.

Visiting my tree farm helps to ground me to the Earth and get me away from all of the technology. When you have been immersed in technology to the depth, complexity, and duration I have for over a decade, you really get burned out with it all. I don't even want a cellphone anymore. People have really lost touch with reality and interpersonal relationships. I have zero interest in contributing to this unhealthy and destructive behavior anymore.

I am spending a lot more time out here in the peace, quiet, heat, and the cold. It's better than thinking about her. Out here, the present is all that matters. Will I be eaten by an animal or will I be eating it?